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Application Area

Effective Communication
with Stakeholders

Organizational Change

Organizational Behavior
in Reorganizations

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Team Roles

Schedule and
Cost Control

Project Schedule
Inflation using PERT

Procurement Personnel

Procurement / Contractual
Management Considerations

Importance of
What-If Scenarios

RAD vs. General
Project Management

Risk Analysis:
Qualitative vs. Quantitative


The information and
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purposes. No responsibility
 is accepted for the outcome
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Implementing Effective Solutions for Business Needs 

Tim Koebke, M.S.   



If you are visiting with an interest in Business/Project Management,
I invite you to browse my commentary. I offer these topics and
opinions to hopefully enrich your perspective on this discipline.

My intention is to provide you with a brief professional view of some
of the areas that significantly affect project management, to encourage your interest and pursuit of a more effective approach to managing your projects and your business. The information presented is based on
Project Management Institute's PMBOK® (Project Management Body
of Knowledge) guide, industry-recognized management sources, and
over twenty years of personal work-related experience.

If I am able to assist you or your business associates, be assured
my services will be delivered with high standards of professionalism.
It will be my pleasure.

Project Management Institute's PMBOK® encompasses "... the sum
of knowledge within the profession of project management. As with
other professions, such as law, medicine, and accounting, the body
of knowledge rests with the practitioners and academics who apply
and advance it. [It] includes proven traditional practices that are widely applied, as well as innovative practices evolving in the profession."  (Project Management Institute, 2004).
 The PMBOK® is recognized
as a foundational reference for, but not limited to, senior executives,
program managers, project managers, functional managers, consultants, educators, and other stakeholders.

As we develop our understanding of business/project management, or any discipline, let's remind ourselves to seek objective expert counsel.
A quality professional will certainly earn or save us more than the cost of hiring the professional. Qualified guidance greatly enhances our decision-making processes; it benefits our stakeholders, our team members, and ourselves.


Project Management Institute. (2004). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide) (3rd ed.). Newton Square, PA: Author.

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